A new beginning: How dare you?

“Our greatest fears or mightiest resistance might just be our smoothest route to fulfillment; that door you’ve been trying to unlock for donkey years” Anu Adelakun

I cut my hair. I looked into that grand mirror that once belonged to my great grandfather,  held those sharp scissors and chopped it off. I had been in this same scenario three times before today. I’ll hold up my hair, hold the scissors but chicken out. But today it was different.  Everything that once mattered didn’t even mean a thing to me. I had wondered what my Mum would think, how irresponsible or less womanly I would appear before her, how my dad would think “your mates are getting married, you are here going through a quarter-life crisis” or how my grandmother would get scared that no man would pick on me as an object of admiration because I lost my beauty; my hair. None of it mattered today. I wanted to be ME.


I wanted to make a choice, I wanted to put my finger in that fire and know what getting burnt felt like. I wanted to live without the regret of not trying when I could. That was all I could think of. It wasn’t peer pressure. It was “ME” pressure. The deep longing to be that Woman I am in my head. To emerge from the long overdue cocoon and spread my colourful wings laced with the strength of years of beating the torn drum of adventure till the whispers became a loud sound of rythm.


It was the herald of my hearts desires, a new beginning, a pursuit of fulfillment.  Months down the line,  I realised it wasn’t just about my hair, it was a liberation of my mind; let’s call it Independence day. It has made me a more decisive risk taker. Boy, do I love the patience I’m learning while grooming my new curls? Anything is possible if you believe.  As you think, so you become.

I love New beginnings!

Look at me now, fearless and stronger with an ebony fullness of short blossoming curls to show for it.

amazing angelou

How dare you not overcome your personal fears? It’s 2015 people! Anything is possible. You’ve got what it takes.

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From I am Woman : HAPPY NEW YEAR

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Dear Readers,

Thank you for your support in the short one month of our existence in 2014. We reached a surprising 500 views within that short period because you believed in us.

Thank you so much!

Cheers to a more productive and impacting year. We wish you all the best in all your endeavours.


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It’s the prestigious I am Woman “WOMAN OF VALOR” Awards!!!

As we savour the final hours of 2014, we look back at the year empowered by the joys of feminist achievements . 2014 was a year in which the awareness of gender equality was aired aggressively and widely accepted as not just a phenomenon but a practicable way of life. Many thanks go out to every person who was involved; International Agencies, Celebrities, people on social media, the press, you and I.  2015 is a blank page for us to write a progressive history and we MUST!


We at I am Woman are using this medium to recognise a few of our heroines in 2014 with our ” WOMAN OF VALOUR” awards. This is for every woman who stuck up for the woman race courageously this year.  THANK YOU! With a rousing ovation, we present the virtual trophies:



Category: Woman breaking barriers (group)

Winner: The Borno women vigilante group in North East, Nigeria who took up arms bravely in collaboration with the men to protect their violence affected communities. We are deeply inspired by their audacity.

Borno Women

Category: Woman breaking barriers (Individual)

Winner: Malala Yousafzai

Need we say how inspired the world is by this brave Pakistani teenager who is a passionate advocate  of the girl-child education and who became the youngest person ever to accept the Nobel peace prize? Way to go Malala!


Category: Defender of the ordinary Woman

Winner: Michelle Obama

2014 was no doubt a busy year for first Lady Michelle Obama . If she wasn’t addressing young teenage girls on the importance of having an education, she was advocating the release of the Chibok girls or fighting ebola. Well done first lady!


Category: Best women group of the year

Winner: The Bring back our girls group in Nigeria

This group is convened by Dr Obiageli Ezekwesili of Nigeria and is a group advocating the release of the abducted Chibok girls by the dreaded Bokoharam sect in North East, Nigeria. Their consistency is commendable.


Category: Top feminist moment of 2014

Winner: Emma Watson giving her speech at the #heforshe conference in London. Her speech which preached that gender equality isn’t a women’s issue but also a men’s issue was widely accepted. We also loved her outfit!


Category: Most inspiring Tv Character of the year

Winner: Olivia Pope

Olivia Pope as played by Kerry Washington in the award winning Tv series “Scandal” has by far inspired women around the world this year. Her intellectual prowess, resolve, confidence and power dressing has deeply touched women around the world. Many thanks to Shond Rhimes the Creator and producer of the series for inspiring us with such a character.

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Category:  Cutest Feminist gesture of the year

Winner: President Obama and his brownies troop

The cutest gesture of the year was seen in the picture released by the white house in which President Obama poses with a troop of brownies while wearing a tiara. The controversial image is for us, a self esteem building gesture from President Obama; a shout out to girls all over the world telling them they are limitless. Very inspiring.


Category: Heroine of the year

Winner: Chibok girls of Nigeria

While we had a tough time choosing between the Keyan woman who was mobbed for wearing a mini skirt and the Chibok girls, we couldn’t get past the horrific abduction of over 100 girls by the Bokoharam sect from their school in North East Nigeria. We present this award to them as a ray of hope in this dark hour and pray they come back to their families safely very soon.

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Thank you all for your opinions and support. If you didnt see your name here, 2015 is your set time! Be that agent of change!

And it’s a wrap! See you in 2015!!!

2015: A Woman Set on course

2014 is finally drawing the curtains on us all. Whether or not we like it, its been over 300 days of opportunities now behind us. Whether or not you are happy about your achievements this year, I’ve got good news for you! Wait for it…the power to do more or better is in your hands.

What are your plans for 2015? I know people generally believe that new year resolutions are just a waste of precious of time. Well, personally, I have learnt (through proven results) that writing my goals for a specific period of time is a sound step towards progress, efficiency, productivity and ultimately, success.


Be specific about what you want to achieve in 2015 and make sure it is measurable.  If your goal is to get into college or do your masters for instance, you know you need to check up application requirements and follow through. If your goal is weight loss,  you know you need to plan a programme of challenges, meal structures e.t.c that would help you achieve your target. If your goal is to grow spiritually, or achieve wholeness in your life, you know you must invest in reading materials that will renew your mind.

Write down your vision for 2015 and run with it. Check on it like a seed you have sown and water it with your efforts, time and desire for substantial achievements and development.  Then, you will be a Woman set on course for 2015, setting sail long before others realised it was time to move.

You are unstoppable! A woman for all seasons, strong and brave; ready to change your world.

Yes you can!

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