Make Things Happen!!!


I was listening to a great man speak one day and he said something that struck me. He said, ” I don’t read the news any more.  People wonder why but I realised that there are two types of people; people who read the news and people who make the news. I’d rather be making the news”

It completely blew my mind. I gave it a deep thought. I asked myself “How does one go about living such a life of excellence?” Then I read a post from this same man. This is what he wrote:

…Instead of waiting for good or bad things to happen to you, make things happen!

So, that job opportunity might never arise, create a job opportunity for yourself.  You have the solution within you. It’s a simple law of attraction. If you desire a change and you begin to become that change, in no time the change happens.  

Let me share a story with you. I had been looking for a job that would help me express my passion which is helping young girls and speaking out for women but it never came. I became bitter and miserable because I felt I would never be fulfilled in life…until I learnt the simple yet powerful principle that if the opportunity wasn’t coming, I had to create it by myself and for myself. So, I set to work and this blog was born. The moment I started pursuing my passion actively, people interested in such a cause began to gravitate towards me including you reading this post now. The possibilities are endless only if you will take your life by the horn and tell it where to go.    
   I’m making the headlines! The world ain’t seen nothing yet. Get up and look for a challenge today! Make things happen for you and for others to the glory of God. Give your life a meaning today!


P.S: If you would like to listen to the powerful speech that inspired this post kindly mail me and I’ll share with you!

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A new beginning: How dare you?

“Our greatest fears or mightiest resistance might just be our smoothest route to fulfillment; that door you’ve been trying to unlock for donkey years” Anu Adelakun

I cut my hair. I looked into that grand mirror that once belonged to my great grandfather,  held those sharp scissors and chopped it off. I had been in this same scenario three times before today. I’ll hold up my hair, hold the scissors but chicken out. But today it was different.  Everything that once mattered didn’t even mean a thing to me. I had wondered what my Mum would think, how irresponsible or less womanly I would appear before her, how my dad would think “your mates are getting married, you are here going through a quarter-life crisis” or how my grandmother would get scared that no man would pick on me as an object of admiration because I lost my beauty; my hair. None of it mattered today. I wanted to be ME.


I wanted to make a choice, I wanted to put my finger in that fire and know what getting burnt felt like. I wanted to live without the regret of not trying when I could. That was all I could think of. It wasn’t peer pressure. It was “ME” pressure. The deep longing to be that Woman I am in my head. To emerge from the long overdue cocoon and spread my colourful wings laced with the strength of years of beating the torn drum of adventure till the whispers became a loud sound of rythm.


It was the herald of my hearts desires, a new beginning, a pursuit of fulfillment.  Months down the line,  I realised it wasn’t just about my hair, it was a liberation of my mind; let’s call it Independence day. It has made me a more decisive risk taker. Boy, do I love the patience I’m learning while grooming my new curls? Anything is possible if you believe.  As you think, so you become.

I love New beginnings!

Look at me now, fearless and stronger with an ebony fullness of short blossoming curls to show for it.

amazing angelou

How dare you not overcome your personal fears? It’s 2015 people! Anything is possible. You’ve got what it takes.

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A Group of young boys machete their teacher over a “skimpy outfit” matter


As I wrote that post about the Kenyan mob harrasing women in mini-skirts, I prayed silently in my heart that such ugly incidents do not occur in Nigeria. Well, as I would have it, no male mob has harrased any lady in mini-skirt but a group of boys have attacked their female teacher for scolding a female student for wearing a “skimpy outfit” not suitable for the school environment. The said teacher who was nursing her 5-month old baby in the staff room was attacked by a group of boys allegedly in some cult  group after a male student (and member of the said cult) was punished for confronting the same teacher for scolding the female “skimpy” outfit culprit. This incident occured in Obosima Secondary Technical School, Imo State.

It would not be an exaggeration if I said this is a matter of National importance. these are my reasons:


What happened to school to uniforms? Isnt it the heights of lawlessness that a student would wear any thing other than any uniform made available (maybe sports wear, cullinary practice uniforms e.t.c) to school? Such a girl for instance, will be at risk of sexual confrontation either from other male students or staff. This is the story of one school and a reflection of many more schools in our nation.


The rampant cultism in our schools is and I dare say a bedrock for the bigger picture of the terrorism we experience today in our nation. The violence it births is unecessary and very avoidable. I have witnessed first hand the havoc a lot of such groups have wrecked. The efforts in combatting this menace is too minimal.

I know most of our leaders are busy pursuing political ambitions but it would be great to see that this particular case is made a big deal and followed through till justice be served. Parents, teachers, religious leaders, the media, and infact everyone has got a role to play in informing and impacting in our youths the message and values of lawful behaviour and anti-violent expression of themselves.

These are the future of Nigeria and we are not taking  chances.


Story:, Vanguard newspaper.



indonesia police

At a time like this when the global female community is agitated about the series of dress stripping mob attacks, the last thing we want to hear is that somewhere else on this same planet earth, Women are being subjected to taking virginity tests as part of the mandatory medical examination before joining the Police force. The requirement for undergoing the test is posted on Indonesia national police’s official website. ( It reads:

In addition to the medical and physical tests, women who want to be policewomen [sic] must also undergo virginity tests

virginity test

Female recruits hoping to join Indonesia’s police force are forced to undergo two-finger “virginity tests”,a practice that intends to check that the hymen is still intact but leaves the women traumatised, humiliated and in pain. This Women who are expected to remain single until they have spent a certain number of years in the force are WARNED to remain virgins.

While the Policfe Authorities claim that the test was not solely to check for viginity but for other “comunicable diseases” that would hinder efficient discharge of duties, An anonymous intervewee had this to say to Human Rights Watch:

“Entering the virginity test examination room was really upsetting, I feared that after they performed the test I would not be a virgin anymore. They inserted two fingers with gel … it really hurt. My friend even fainted.”

“So-called virginity tests are discriminatory and a form of gender-based violence – not a measure of women’s eligibility for a career in the police,” said Nisha Varia, associate women’s rights director at Human Rights Watch.

This is just really repugnant something should be done about it. Every woman has a the right to choose a career path without getting discriminated against or humiliated in such unthinkable manner. Why dress sexual harrasment in the sheep clothing of medical and physical examination? This just kills ambitions and dreams and is very unfair to say the least.

. virgin


To watch the full interview by Human Rights go to:

Sources of images: google, facebook.

IN YOUR FACE: #MyDressMyChoice… another ordinary womans story.

There’s been some very horrendous news trending on twitter and inciting protests and lashing out on the menfolk. Apparently, last week a video was released on youtube showing the recording of a male-dominated mob stripping a woman naked for wearing a mini-skirt. It reportedly happened in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital. This seems to be a rippling behavioural pattern from Uganda where similar incidents occured earlier this year, resulting from the passing to law of an anti-pornography bill according to various womens rights activists became a guise for men to harrass women sexually as men took to the streets to mob women whom they judged to be indecently dressed.


The mob of sacred cows stripped the unnamed woman naked for dressing indecently on the streets of Nairobi

ugandan protests

ugandan protests 1UGANDA

  Ugadan women protesting against being mobbed for dressing as they choose.

To say that such acts of mobbing women for such a reason as personal dressing is a gross violation of a basic human right is a statement of the obvious fact yet, we demand and hope that justice be served concerning this issue.


This image of a traditional african attire of an East African woman makes me wonder why wearing a mini-skirt suddenly becomes a never-before-seen event attracting a mob.


I wonder why…

Dressing is a channel through which culture amongst other phenomenom is expressed. So, am I the only one pissed at the fact that we women drool over a guy who displays his abs or poses nude on social media or in our favorite soft sell magazines? How then do we codone the fact that the menfolk and even some women think it is okay to mob an innocent person  wearing a mini-skirt? Such double standard is not only hypocritical but worrisome. Are we teaching our youths that it is ok not to respect how another human being decides to express him/herself through dressing? Is there a hypothetical regulation simply crafted for women as per the way we dress? Our daughters are watching, is this the fate of their future? That they are not guaranteed protection of their basic human rights after wearing whatever they want? That mobbing and getting away with humiliating a woman for dressing the way she knows how to or wants to is normal? Can people learn to paddle their own canoes?

Here in Nigeria, we’ve heard stories of how some women get humiliated and even arrested in some cases for allegedly dressing indecently. Some of these women even get raped “afterall, they tempted” the men. For me, this is a harsh reality that women are still very much seen as lesser humans. Hence the need to address this issue aggressively; in our schools, in our homes, in religious gatherings, on political platforms, everywhere! IT IS NOT OKAY TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST WOMEN BECAUSE OF WHAT WE WEAR!…#MyDressMyChoice for goodness sake!

ugandan protests 2

For those suggesting women should stop wearing certain types of clothes to avoid being harrassed, “perhaps, to be safe, they should just stay at home. It would give the more time as well for cooking and cleaning and serving and doing a man’s bidding. If this seems unreasonable, they could be rquired to wear a sheet over their entire body while out in public…” (@ngamau on twitter)

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