A new beginning: How dare you?

“Our greatest fears or mightiest resistance might just be our smoothest route to fulfillment; that door you’ve been trying to unlock for donkey years” Anu Adelakun

I cut my hair. I looked into that grand mirror that once belonged to my great grandfather,  held those sharp scissors and chopped it off. I had been in this same scenario three times before today. I’ll hold up my hair, hold the scissors but chicken out. But today it was different.  Everything that once mattered didn’t even mean a thing to me. I had wondered what my Mum would think, how irresponsible or less womanly I would appear before her, how my dad would think “your mates are getting married, you are here going through a quarter-life crisis” or how my grandmother would get scared that no man would pick on me as an object of admiration because I lost my beauty; my hair. None of it mattered today. I wanted to be ME.


I wanted to make a choice, I wanted to put my finger in that fire and know what getting burnt felt like. I wanted to live without the regret of not trying when I could. That was all I could think of. It wasn’t peer pressure. It was “ME” pressure. The deep longing to be that Woman I am in my head. To emerge from the long overdue cocoon and spread my colourful wings laced with the strength of years of beating the torn drum of adventure till the whispers became a loud sound of rythm.


It was the herald of my hearts desires, a new beginning, a pursuit of fulfillment.  Months down the line,  I realised it wasn’t just about my hair, it was a liberation of my mind; let’s call it Independence day. It has made me a more decisive risk taker. Boy, do I love the patience I’m learning while grooming my new curls? Anything is possible if you believe.  As you think, so you become.

I love New beginnings!

Look at me now, fearless and stronger with an ebony fullness of short blossoming curls to show for it.

amazing angelou

How dare you not overcome your personal fears? It’s 2015 people! Anything is possible. You’ve got what it takes.

Photo credits: Google search



  1. Nene · January 7, 2015

    I read your article on Bella Naija and I appreciate your feminist stand. If you want to be a feminist be one and stop playing Partisan politics, leave that for the politicians. If you support Buhari say so and stop trying to be just and take sides. Buhari and women rights are on opposite sides so you know. You are a brilliant writer, keep it up. Cheers


    • The Lady in the white scarf · January 15, 2015

      Thanks for yours. Being feminist, however, is not a handcuff which limits my opinions on political matters but with respect to the article you read, I was addressing the matter at heart not selling propaganda.


  2. KikiNelson · January 15, 2015

    I know that feeling. The light-headed spurts of joy that make you feel like anything is possible because you have chosen your own path. Never leave your happy place.


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