2015: A Woman Set on course

2014 is finally drawing the curtains on us all. Whether or not we like it, its been over 300 days of opportunities now behind us. Whether or not you are happy about your achievements this year, I’ve got good news for you! Wait for it…the power to do more or better is in your hands.

What are your plans for 2015? I know people generally believe that new year resolutions are just a waste of precious of time. Well, personally, I have learnt (through proven results) that writing my goals for a specific period of time is a sound step towards progress, efficiency, productivity and ultimately, success.


Be specific about what you want to achieve in 2015 and make sure it is measurable.  If your goal is to get into college or do your masters for instance, you know you need to check up application requirements and follow through. If your goal is weight loss,  you know you need to plan a programme of challenges, meal structures e.t.c that would help you achieve your target. If your goal is to grow spiritually, or achieve wholeness in your life, you know you must invest in reading materials that will renew your mind.

Write down your vision for 2015 and run with it. Check on it like a seed you have sown and water it with your efforts, time and desire for substantial achievements and development.  Then, you will be a Woman set on course for 2015, setting sail long before others realised it was time to move.

You are unstoppable! A woman for all seasons, strong and brave; ready to change your world.

Yes you can!

Photo credit: Facebook


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