On a very sober note…

Hi everyone, so its been 9days since I posted any stuff up here. Trust me I have been up to a whole lot. I got to witness first-hand the aftermath and subsequent events that follow rape. A loved one got raped and it hurt me to my strands of hair. While the case is undergoing due procedure, I took sometime out to think through somethings. You know, when someone dies, you reflect about life, when you get something wrong, you replay the scenario in your head and ask questions to see where you derailed. When one is sexually violated and assaulted on so many wrong levels, the experience becomes real to you. The questions are hanging in the air, the tears are real, the heartbreak and worthless feeling are there. You wish it never happened, you wish something immediate and drastic could be done about it, you wish justice would be served. You wonder what people would say or think about the person, you wonder if the person would ever truly heal from such horrendous experience. Theres so much on your mind.


I have had the priviledge of helping out with two narcotic addicts anda handful of rape victims. But this one right here beats them all. Yes, because it happened to someone very close to me.  After blaming myself for not being there for my loved one and getting mad, I set to work. I met a Life coach who introduced me to the natural law of attraction (I promise to share with you soon) and after so much pondering and deep thoughts I decided that focusing on the bad thing that had happened wasn’t going to yield any progress reports. So, I choose to focus on the positive in this situation. The fact that my loved one is alive and still has dreams, no one can rape that out of her, the fact that theres a million and one beautiful experiences waiting for her to taste, the fact that time well spent and invested in the right emotional and mental input can heal the wounds.

positive energy unleash your sparkle

Then I look at her, and see nothing but a victor of rape, never a victim. A brand new specie of woman, stronger, fearless, wiser, ready to take on  the world and I love her for this. Rape is never a good t hing but we can’t afford spending valauble time sulking about it. WE MUST GET UP AND MOVE ON! That is not to say rape offenders should be excused. Yes, we can forgive but justice must prevail. To every one who has ever been sexually violated or had close shove with such unthinkable experiences, GET UP, DUST YOURSELF AND MOVE ON!

One With You,

The Lady in the White Scarf.


image 1: http://www.indiatv.com

image 2: http://www.unleashyoursparkle.com



  1. Toperistic on top (@topixco) · December 1, 2014

    Hmmm wise words! Very well said!! More Grace Anu!!!


  2. Salako · December 29, 2014

    Nice writeup anuoluwapo…keep it up. God bless your journey on this!


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