A Group of young boys machete their teacher over a “skimpy outfit” matter


As I wrote that post about the Kenyan mob harrasing women in mini-skirts, I prayed silently in my heart that such ugly incidents do not occur in Nigeria. Well, as I would have it, no male mob has harrased any lady in mini-skirt but a group of boys have attacked their female teacher for scolding a female student for wearing a “skimpy outfit” not suitable for the school environment. The said teacher who was nursing her 5-month old baby in the staff room was attacked by a group of boys allegedly in some cult  group after a male student (and member of the said cult) was punished for confronting the same teacher for scolding the female “skimpy” outfit culprit. This incident occured in Obosima Secondary Technical School, Imo State.

It would not be an exaggeration if I said this is a matter of National importance. these are my reasons:


What happened to school to uniforms? Isnt it the heights of lawlessness that a student would wear any thing other than any uniform made available (maybe sports wear, cullinary practice uniforms e.t.c) to school? Such a girl for instance, will be at risk of sexual confrontation either from other male students or staff. This is the story of one school and a reflection of many more schools in our nation.


The rampant cultism in our schools is and I dare say a bedrock for the bigger picture of the terrorism we experience today in our nation. The violence it births is unecessary and very avoidable. I have witnessed first hand the havoc a lot of such groups have wrecked. The efforts in combatting this menace is too minimal.

I know most of our leaders are busy pursuing political ambitions but it would be great to see that this particular case is made a big deal and followed through till justice be served. Parents, teachers, religious leaders, the media, and infact everyone has got a role to play in informing and impacting in our youths the message and values of lawful behaviour and anti-violent expression of themselves.

These are the future of Nigeria and we are not taking  chances.


Story: http://www.bellanaija.com, Vanguard newspaper.

Picture: colbycriminaljustice.wikidot.com


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