Today is #WorldToiletDay!!!


Today, 19th November, 2014 is the UNICEF #WorldToiletDay. Without access to private toilets, women and girls are often at risk of sexual harassment and rape. Here in Nigeria, I have seen situations where a crowd of tentants share a common toilet. Imagine the terror when a young girl goes out at night to use the toilet and a pevert who calls himself a neighbor lurking in a dark corner pounces on her and rapes her. I have had the priviledge of speaking to such a victim and you cannot begin to imagine the anger at such a violation.  Private toilets may not eradicate rape but it will sure go a long way in reducing the alarming statistics

There should be efforts and actions to make more toilets available in schools, homes, public places and our girls and women should also be taught how to use toilets properly and hygenic maintainance of the same as this would help in combatting some diseases transmitted through such medium.Home owners and landlords should be fined heavily in houses where toilets are not built for tenants (I wonder what the logic behind such greivious omission is).

Another issue this campaign addresses is that of defecating or urinating in public places (a lot of men are guilty of this as well as some women) .People need to be educated on this. Dont be shocked to hear that some people may never have seen toilets before. I witnessed such an incident very recently and boy was I shocked? On the other hand, some people just suprisingly prefer not to use toilets. People should learn to keep their “Private businesses” PRIVATE!

toilletNO! It is not right for you to pee in that corner of the road or gutter

NO!!! You may not poop anywhere you find yourself when nature calls.

Save us outbreaks of any more epidemics, USE A TOILET TODAY!


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