When ‘pink’ comes alive through me

If there is anything I have come to accept in life, it would be my passion. The moment I started having sleepless nights over it, I knew the pregnancy of my dreams was due. Helping that little girl in ugwu achara village pooping over a dumpster (and using some paper from the mountain of filth to wipe) get a clean wash, protecting a friend who was a fugitive to some violent fraternity because she had refused to join, tearfully listening to the ordeal of a young girl narrating how she was forced into a terrorist army and how she got her nose cut off after being brutally raped, celebrating ordinary woman achieving extraordinary feats, a word of encouragement from a dear friend who survived breast cancer, hair inspiration from my natural hair (and sometimes permed)  community, tasty meals, a proverb well said by my grandmother… these are some of the things that inspire me and for which I stand. For every woman and child, in my little way, through the eyes of a sister, friend and woman…I AM WOMAN, the voice of the ordinary woman and my dream come alive.

In Pink ink,

The Lady in the white scarf.


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