IN YOUR FACE: #MyDressMyChoice… another ordinary womans story.

There’s been some very horrendous news trending on twitter and inciting protests and lashing out on the menfolk. Apparently, last week a video was released on youtube showing the recording of a male-dominated mob stripping a woman naked for wearing a mini-skirt. It reportedly happened in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital. This seems to be a rippling behavioural pattern from Uganda where similar incidents occured earlier this year, resulting from the passing to law of an anti-pornography bill according to various womens rights activists became a guise for men to harrass women sexually as men took to the streets to mob women whom they judged to be indecently dressed.


The mob of sacred cows stripped the unnamed woman naked for dressing indecently on the streets of Nairobi

ugandan protests

ugandan protests 1UGANDA

  Ugadan women protesting against being mobbed for dressing as they choose.

To say that such acts of mobbing women for such a reason as personal dressing is a gross violation of a basic human right is a statement of the obvious fact yet, we demand and hope that justice be served concerning this issue.


This image of a traditional african attire of an East African woman makes me wonder why wearing a mini-skirt suddenly becomes a never-before-seen event attracting a mob.


I wonder why…

Dressing is a channel through which culture amongst other phenomenom is expressed. So, am I the only one pissed at the fact that we women drool over a guy who displays his abs or poses nude on social media or in our favorite soft sell magazines? How then do we codone the fact that the menfolk and even some women think it is okay to mob an innocent person  wearing a mini-skirt? Such double standard is not only hypocritical but worrisome. Are we teaching our youths that it is ok not to respect how another human being decides to express him/herself through dressing? Is there a hypothetical regulation simply crafted for women as per the way we dress? Our daughters are watching, is this the fate of their future? That they are not guaranteed protection of their basic human rights after wearing whatever they want? That mobbing and getting away with humiliating a woman for dressing the way she knows how to or wants to is normal? Can people learn to paddle their own canoes?

Here in Nigeria, we’ve heard stories of how some women get humiliated and even arrested in some cases for allegedly dressing indecently. Some of these women even get raped “afterall, they tempted” the men. For me, this is a harsh reality that women are still very much seen as lesser humans. Hence the need to address this issue aggressively; in our schools, in our homes, in religious gatherings, on political platforms, everywhere! IT IS NOT OKAY TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST WOMEN BECAUSE OF WHAT WE WEAR!…#MyDressMyChoice for goodness sake!

ugandan protests 2

For those suggesting women should stop wearing certain types of clothes to avoid being harrassed, “perhaps, to be safe, they should just stay at home. It would give the more time as well for cooking and cleaning and serving and doing a man’s bidding. If this seems unreasonable, they could be rquired to wear a sheet over their entire body while out in public…” (@ngamau on twitter)

Source of images: twitter


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